Galt Ventures was incorporated in the state of Ohio in July of 1993 to provide a structure which would allow the pursuit of a variety of interests and activities. The stated purpose of the corporation is to "engage in any lawful act or activity for which a corporation my be formed in ohio". At the that time Lawrence "Larry" Galt, the organizer, was actively involved with providing adult technical training as an outside consultant. To support that specific endeavor a simultaneously Trade Name filling was made for Berea Training Services. Later that name was shortened to simply Berea Training.

Larry has a wide variety of interests which have lead to the following activities that have been being included under this umbrella structure when appropriate:

The pursuit of Family History.

Marketing of a Medical Identification Card.

Formation of The Transworld Strategic Alliance, by building on my background from an earlier carrier path to network with Intelligence and Security Professionals.

And recently I have been experimenting with web site design which has included sites for the above mentioned activities, other small business and church sites, and some information pages about my Army Days.