Galt's and Allied Families Genealogy Site

My interest in the history of my family dates back many years. As a result I have more or less haphazardly collected data from a great number of sources. Some of that information is well documented, but much of it is probably best categorized as family lore.

I have tried to record things as they came to me. Over the years I have used a number of genealogy programs to do that. I also have a large pile of papers which I need to go through.

A few years back I attempted to build my own web site to provide this data to anyone who might be interested. I was not able to spend the time necessary to accomplish that goal then. A page remained on the web under this domain but it was simply as a reference to a file maintained at a commercial genealogy site. I am not fond of those sites as they end up charging others to view the information you have prepared.

Finally I found a program, The Next Generation of Genealogy Site building, which can be used to create a data base driven (dynamic) genealogy web site using PHP programming code. I had never developed using PHP so I had a bit of a learning curve getting a site on line. I have several other projects which I am currently working on, so the family page was basically on the back burner. However, now I have used it as a learning project, to acquire some expertise and produce other PHP based sites. So now it is actually up and running.

This web page can be found at the "Galt and allied families site".