Transworld Strategic Alliance


After the "911" incidents I became alarmed about the state of our nation and the world. This prompted me to rekindle contacts with some of the people who I had reason to believe were well informed on related subjects. In my first career I had dealt with Intelligence gathering and both physical and communications security. I also had contacts among retired and active locksmithing, disaster planning, counterespionage, and law enforcement professionals. Several of these men and women knew of other like minded individuals who were also contacted and encouraged to participate.

The resulting consortium formed a network to exchanges ideas, concepts and warnings via several communications vehicles. After awhile it became expedient to attach a label to this informal group. Transworld Strategic Alliance is the result.

The members wish to remain anonymous. The only public contact or acknowledgement of our existence is on the web. Transworld does not ask for or accept funding from any source. Each member absorbs any expense of participation through the expenditure of their personal funds. The only routine (minimal) expense is in maintaining the web site.

We do not buy or sell anything. We have no capitol funds or equipment.

If you believe that you might benifit from associating with us then contact us by email explaining your business and purpose

Transworld Strategic Alliance

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